The Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings, Inc. (MPHHI) Hospital Group, through its MPHHI Hospital Group Medicine Sourcing Team (MPHHI Hospital Group MST), hereby invites its suppliers to participate in our Medicine Souring Request for Quotation (RFQ) Project. This project will cover the medicine requirements of the hospitals belonging to the MPHHI Hospital Group. It will also cover any healthcare institution that MPHHI may acquire, operate or manage, whether as controlling shareholder, significant minority shareholder, lessee, or O&M contractor or consultant, from the release date of the RFQ document to the termination date of the contract, has the option to avail of the price offer and discount extended by the winning supplier/s.



This RFQ has been issued by MPHHI Hospital Group MST and the designated MPHHI Hospital Group MST representatives as shown below shall be the supplier/s sole point of contact with regard to the RFQ, its contents and all issues concerning it. All communication regarding this RFQ shall be directed to the designated representative. Contact with any other MPHHI Hospital Group employee for the purpose of discussing this RFQ, its content, or any other issue concerning it, is prohibited unless authorized by the designated MPHHI Hospital Group MST representatives. Violation of this clause by the supplier having unauthorized contact (verbally or in writing) may constitute grounds for rejection of the supplier’s quotation. This restriction shall apply until the MPHHI Hospital Group MST has awarded the contract.


MPHHI Hospital Group Medicine Sourcing Team (MPHHI Hospital Group MST)

Representative: Ms. Lourdes Espiritu / Ms. Charry Espejo / Mr. Daryl Carillo




  • Non-Disclosure Obligation – The suppliers and MPHHI Hospital Group MST shall keep in strict confidence any confidential information received or otherwise learned from the other party or any of its affiliates and/or subsidiaries and, shall not, without the prior written consent of the disclosing party, use or permit the use of the confidential information or any part thereof for any purpose other than in relation to the RFQ project. Suppliers and MPHHI Hospital Group MST shall restrict access to the confidential information to its officers, directors, employees, advisors and agents who need to know the information strictly for purposes of the evaluation of the RFQ project. Suppliers and MPHHI Hospital Group MST shall inform its Representatives of the confidential information in strict confidence in compliance with the terms of this RFQ project, and shall cause their respective officers, directors, employees, advisors and agents who received confidential information to keep the same in strict confidence. Suppliers and MPHHI Hospital Group MST shall be responsible for any unauthorized disclosure of the confidential information by its officers, directors, employees, advisors and agents.
  • Confidential Information – The term “Confidential Information” means any non-public information of a disclosing Party (Suppliers and members of the MPHHI Hospital Group) and/or its Corporate Affiliates (refers to a holding company, subsidiary or subsidiary of a holding company of a Party, and any company which a Party or its associates has a controlling interest or shareholding) relating to and in connection with the execution, exploration and implementation of the RFQ Project.
  • Exceptions – The confidentiality obligations shall not apply to information which:
  1. Is in the lawful possession of the receiving party at the time of disclosure by the disclosing party
  2. Is or later lawfully becomes part of the public knowledge or literature other than by breach of the provisions of RFQ project
  3. Is mandatorily required to be disclosed by operation of law or by a valid order of court of competent jurisdiction or of a government or regulatory agency, including a stock exchange



The MPHHI Hospital Group MST and the pre-qualified suppliers (principals and distributors) are required to observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of the contract. Suppliers determined to have committed corrupt, fraudulent, collusive and coercive practices by MPHHI Hospital Group MST will not be eligible to participate in its medicine sourcing projects. For this purpose:

  • “Corrupt practice” means behaviour on the part of the suppliers by which they improperly and unlawfully enrich themselves, others, or induce offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of anything of value to influence the action of any MPHHI Hospital Group MST member in the procurement process or in contracting execution; entering, on behalf of the MPHHI Hospital Group MST, into any contract or transaction manifestly and grossly disadvantageous to the same, whether or not the MPHHI Hospital Group MST member profited or will profit thereby.
  • “Fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment of MPHHI Hospital Group, and includes collusive practices among suppliers (prior to or after price offer submission) designed to establish prices at artificial, non-competitive levels and to deprive MPHHI Hospital Group MST of the benefits of free and open competition.
  • “Collusive practice” means a scheme or arrangement between two (2) or more suppliers, with or without the knowledge of MPHHI Hospital Group MST, designed to establish price offers at artificial, non-competitive levels.
  • “Coercive practice” means harming or threatening to harm, directly or indirectly, persons, or their property to influence their participation in a procurement process, or affect the execution of a contract.



Unless waived in writing by the MPHHI Hospital Group MST, a supplier that has a conflict of interest shall be disqualified to participate in the procurement at hand. A supplier would be considered as having a conflict of interest in any of the events described below:

  • A supplier receives or has received any direct or indirect subsidy from another supplier.
  • A supplier has the same legal representative as any other supplier for purposes of the RFQ at hand.
  • A supplier has a relationship directly or through common third parties, that puts them in a position to have access to information about or influence on the price offer of another supplier, or influence the decisions of MPHHI Hospital Group MST regarding the sourcing process. This will include a firm or organization that lends, or temporarily seconds, its personnel to firms or organizations which are engaged in consulting services for the preparation related to procurement for or implementation of the project, if the personnel would be involved in any capacity on the same project.
  • A supplier submits more than one price offer in the sourcing process.
  • A supplier’s director, officer, consultant or significant shareholder is an employee, director, consultant in any member of the MPHHI Hospital Group.
  • The holding by an employee, director, consultant or any member of his or her immediate family, in any member of the MPHHI Hospital Group, of any substantial financial interest in any enterprise which has, or is seeking, business dealings as suppliers with MPHHI Hospital Group without any written approval.



R.A. 10173, otherwise known as The Data Privacy Act of 2012 (the “DPA”) sets out the principles that should be followed when processing personal data of any kind. One of the ways in which MPHHI can take steps to comply with some of these principles is to ask suppliers for consent on the processing of Supplier Registration and Accreditation related personal data and vice-versa. Suppliers will be asked to submit a Notarized Copy of the DATA PROTECTION VENDOR CONSENT FORM. 

MPHHI Hospital Group will maintain certain information about the supplier’s shareholders, partners, directors, board members, key executives/top officials, key personnel and sales representatives as part of our Supplier Registration and Accreditation records. Our records may include the following information which may be amended from time to time and which we have received and/or will be retained in various forms (whether in writing, electronically, verbally or otherwise): address and contact details, marital status, gender, nationality, educational background, employment application, history with the company, areas of expertise,  bank details, government issued identifications (including but not limited to driver’s license, social security number, Philhealth number, Tax Identification Number, Passport), tax records,  and other management records.

Some of this personal information is stored in a database controlled by the MPHHI Hospital Group Procurement Organization and can be accessed electronically. MPHHI Hospital Group has security measures in place which will ensure the confidentiality of the information contained in the database and these measures will be reviewed over time and upgraded in line with technological developments. From time to time, we will ask suppliers to review and update the personal information

To the extent that MPHHI Hospital Group provides suppliers any MPHHI Personal Data, the supplier represents and warrants that: (i) Supplier will only use MPHHI Personal Data for the purposes of fulfilling its obligations under supply and purchase agreements; and (ii) Supplier will not disclose or otherwise process MPHHI Personal Data except upon MPHHI’s instructions. The parties agree that all MPHHI Personal Data shall be “Proprietary Information” of MPHHI (regardless of whether any such MPHHI Personal Data is now or subsequently becomes publicly available through no fault or breach on the part of the supplier and supplier must treat all such MPHHI Personal Data in accordance with the confidentiality provisions of supply and purchase agreements.

Supplier will notify MPHHI Hospital Group in writing immediately upon making a determination that it has not met, or can no longer meet, its obligations to process MPHHI Personal Data in accordance to MPHHI Hospital Group’s instructions and applicable Privacy Laws.


Downloadable Materials

MPHHI Hospital Group RFQ Announcement 2020 (PDF 64kb) 

2020 RFQ Submission via Box Process Flow (PDF 925kb) 
MPHHI Medicine Sourcing RFQ Video

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